OxyContin Street Names and Terms and Slang Terms
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OxyContin Street Names and Terms

The rapid rise of OxyContin abuse has led to an active underground trade for the drug. Once a drug "hits the streets" as OxyContin has, generally a series of street names will follow. OxyContin is a drug that goes by a variety of street names and slang terms. Below is a list of a few of the many street names and slang terms used across the country to refer to OxyContin. Some of the most popular OxyContin street names include:
  • Hillbilly heroin  
  • Kicker  
  • OCs 
  • Oceans
  • Ocean Cities  
  • Orange County  
  • O’s  
  • Ox  
  • Oxycotton  
  • Cotton
  • Oxy 80's  
  • Oxycet  
  • Oxycoffins  
  • Pills  
  • 40  
  • 40-bar  
  • 80  
  • O  
  • Kicker  
  • Oxy 

Other Street Terms Related to OxyContin Abuse

  • Doctor Shopping: The act of going to different doctors and faking illness in order to receive prescriptions for OxyContin
  • Pharming: Taking a mixture of different prescription medications
  • Pill Ladies: Senior Citizen women who sell their prescription medication (often, OxyContin)

OxyContin Street Names and Terms and Slang Terms
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