History Of OxyContin
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OxyContin History

OxyContin History - Purdue Pharma

The history of OxyContin is relatively new, as it was first developed by pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma in 1995, however the active ingredient in OxyContin is Oxycodone which has been around in history since first developed by German scientists in 1916 and introduced to the US market in early May of 1939. The characteristic that sets OxyContin apart from Oxycodone is that OxyContin contains a time-release component where a much larger dose of the Oxycodone ingredient can be distributed over a much longer time in one single dose.

OxyContin History - Time-Release Breakthrough

For many years in history prior to the introduction of OxyContin, pain killers such as morphine and Percodan only worked to relieve an individual's pain for 2-3 hours on average. This meant that individuals would have to take several pills each day in order to keep their dosage at a workable level. OxyContin became a breakthrough in history because OxyContin removed this problem from the equation by delivering its active ingredients over a 12 hour period. OxyContin allowed those suffering severe pain due to cancer or major surgery to only have to take two doses of pain medication a day.

OxyContin History - Marketing and Popularity Success

OxyContin became extremely popular within the medical community during that time in history, earning almost a billion dollars for Purdue Pharma in the first years of its release. With aggressive marketing campaigns to physicians, Purdue Parma raised awareness to pain management which encouraged physicians to prescribe OxyContin to patients suffering from chronic pain. 

OxyContin History - Abuse and Addiction

OxyContin history of success quickly took the face of OxyContin history of abuse and addiction. The history of OxyContin took a sharp turn. Abuse of OxyContin started spreading like wildfire across the country. Addicts – in particular those in search of their next heroin fix – discovered that if they crushed and snorted or injected OxyContin, they could remove the time release element of the drug that Purdue scientists worked so hard to create and receive a powerful high very quickly. At this point, the "miracle drug" OxyContin began to receive bad press as more addicts started learning about the drug and its effects.
OxyContin History shows that emergency rooms began filling up with individuals who had underestimated the power of OxyContin and were overdosing. OxyContin is the most widely abused prescription drug in history. OxyContin is bought and sold on the black market with such names as “Hillbilly Heroin”, “Killers”, “OC”, and “Oxycotton”.

OxyContin is History - Put it in the Past

The history of OxyContin has given the drug a large negative connotation. This is the drug that kids sell to each other at school, stay at home moms abuse, and people break into pharmacies to steal. It does not discriminate against age, race, or social status. If you or a loved one is having problems with OxyContin abuse, please call our toll-free number for help or fill out the form below and we will discuss with you all available treatment options and solutions. Your OxyContin history can be buried in the past by beginning your new future today without the need for OxyContin.  Get Help now!

History Of OxyContin
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