Oxycontin Effects | The Effects of OxyContin Abuse
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OxyContin Effects

The effects from OxyContin abuse can be devastating. While there are some individuals who are able to take the drug as prescribed, there is a huge risk and tendancy to develop an OxyContin addiction. The effects of OxyContin take their toll on a person emotionally and physically.
Emotional Effects of OxyContin
If a person begins taking OxyContin for pain, odds are they are experiencing some degree of depression. They may be depressed because they feel isolated, lonely, angry and scared. While the pain might be present, many people find themselves taking the OxyContin to offset the feelings listed above. As the drug use increases, the pain may diminish, but more importantly, the individual doesn't have to cope with those feelings because they are numb. Unfortunately, by this time they have begun to experience the negative effects of OxyContin abuse. Due to this OxyContin abuse, people have difficulty concentrating, feel even more depressed, crave the drug and will do almost anything to get more of it.

OxyContin Effects on Tolerance and Dependance

Like heroin,morphine, Demerol or Dilaudid, OxyContin blocks pain messages to the brain and central nervous system. This drug also tends to increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, which allows us to feel pleasure. As people continue to use more OxyContin, they expect to feel even more pleasure, but as they continue to abuse the drug a tolerance develops. This means it takes more of the drug to produce the same effect. In an effort to achieve the same "high" they originally experienced, coupled with tolerance, an overdose may occur. In many cases, respiratory failure is seen as the cause for death. The respiratory system is so slowed due to the vast amount of OxyContin; a person's system begins to just shut down.
Whether a person started taking OxyContin to alleviate physical or emotional pain, one thing becomes clear to them early on. They can not live without the drug. They constantly think about the drug, where to get the drug and how they will use the drug. Once this obsessive thinking sets in, along with the actual craving, a person is addicted.

Ephoric Effects of OxyContin

Some users describe the initial effects of OxyContin being very simular to OxyContin such as warm, drowsy, cozy state that lasts 2 to 8 hours, depending on the method of ingestion. Addicts report a deceptive sense of satisfaction, as though all needs were fulfilled. There is also a pleasant state of mild dizziness that is not as impairing as alcohol's effects, and a sense of 'distancing' or apathy toward whatever is going on in the environment. Eventually addicts lose this effect of euphoria, and use OxyContin only to relieve unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. It is estimated that about 23 percent of individuals who use OxyContin become dependent on it.

Health Effects of OxyContin

The health effects of OxyContin can be extremely serious and sometimes deadly. Such effects  include fatal overdose, spontaneous abortion, and the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS and hepatitis to the users who inject OxyContin intravenously. Heavy OxyContin addiction can effect the heart lining and valves and can cause abscesses, collapsed veins, and liver or kidney disease. Respiratory complications, such as different types of pneumonia may also develop caused by OxyContin’s depressing effects on respiration. Additionally, street OxyContin often contains toxic additives and contaminants that can clog blood vessels leading to the lungs, liver, kidneys, or brain, causing permanent damage to vital organs.

OxyContin Addiction Effects

One of the the most destructive effects of OxyContin addiction, other than overdose and death, would be the addiction to OxyContin itself. As the degree of the OxyContin addiction increases, behaviors such as lying, cheating, stealing, missing work, financial problems, and legal issues all become very serious OxyContin effects that destroy the addicts life as well as for everyone associated to the OxyContin addict.

Negative Effects of OxyContin

As you can see the euphoric effects of OxyContin may appear to be appealing at first, however, the negative effects of OxyContin far outweigh any potential benefits the drug may deceptively appear to have.  If you or someone you know is using OxyContin, please get help right away before the serious negative effects of OxyContin take over.  It's never too late to get help and the sooner the OxyContin addict gets help, the sooner he is on the road to recovery. Don't wait. Fill out the form below or Call us now! 

Oxycontin Effects | The Effects of OxyContin Abuse
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